Mince Pie Reviews

M&S All Butter:

  • Nice buttery pastry, but a touch thick which makes it a little dry.
  • Filling also quite tasty, although not very boozy but mostly full. Quite a nice citrus tang.
  • Look nice, but not overkill.
  • Jonny’s review: “Tastes like a piss-soaked shoe rolled in sand and toasted”


Tesco finest allbutter with Courvoisier VS Cognac:

  • Nice tasty buttery pastry. Crunchy on top but not too thick on the sides.
  • Filling is nice. Doesn’t scream alcohol, but it’s a nice flavour, not overpowering but nicely tangy. Quite soft fruit.
  • Nice festive look.
  • Jonny’s review: “Tastes like a horses toenail left out overnight on a nightclub toilet”


Asda Mince Pies

  • Thin and crumbly pastry, but not overly flavourful. Actually breaks apart a bit, so in danger of losing it.
  • Filling is a little stodgy, no real definition in the fruit. It’s well filled, just not that punchy a flavour.
  • Looks a bit naff with broken edges and slightly burnt appearance.
  • Jonny’s review: “Tastes like a car accident”


Morrisons Mince Pies

  • Pastry quite tasty, but soggy bottom. However it holds together well.
  • Filling is fine, not too punchy but not really adding anything exciting either.  Only 2/3 full, and had a few chewy bits.
  • Slightly tatty appearance, not a consistent colour.
  • Jonny’s review: “Tastes like a vegan’s soul”


Waitrose Butter Enriched Shortcrust

  • Nice thin pastry, a little bit crumbly so falls apart a bit in your hand (not excessively), but very tasty.
  • Filling was full (although not that deep a pie in general and very nice mince meat. Not boozy but full of flavour and definition.
  • Fairly simple appearance, not entirely in one piece but that might have been bad luck and had been bashed around.
  • Jonny’s review: “Tastes like a damp basement”

Sainsbury’s Deep Filled

  • Pastry nice and thin, fairly tasty, but not overly buttery. It has a good consistency so doesn’t fall apart.
  • Filling wasn’t deep filled a suggested, and not the best on test. It was flavoursome but not exactly tangy or particularly punchy.
  • Appearance was good. Nicely decorated with a good golden brown colour.
  • Jonny’s review: “0/10”