Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost Convertible

Ben’s thoughts:

If you’d asked me 2 years ago if I like the Mustang I probably would have said no. Since then I’ve been to America and seen a variety of Mustang’s in the flesh, as well as having driven one in the UK. I was instantly won over by it! The unique styling of the Mustang makes it stand out in the road and everyone knows what you are driving. Inside the car it’s the same. You get the Mustang logo appear on the (quite good) media unit when it fires up, and badges scattered around the interior remind you that you’re driving an icon.

The ecoboost engine isn’t the ‘proper’ engine but don’t let the eco bit fool you. This is still a fast car and drinks fuel like it’s going out of fashion. It didn’t sound bad either, but not at a volume that would annoy your neighbours.

We drove the convertible which added a bit more fun to the proceedings. Again this probably isn’t the correct way to have a Mustang but it was a smile worthy.

So should you buy the ecoboost? That depends if you like the Mustang but don’t mind people looking down on you. You’ll always have people tut when they see it isn’t a ‘real’ one, but if you have mates who aren’t car experts, they’ll all want to go for a spin in it.

Rob’s thoughts:

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