The Presenters

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Jonny Edge – @thejonnyedge

Jonny is a man with a rather large problem – he suffers from a crippling (financially) addiction to cars. Thankfully – and against all the odds – he’s managed to become a published motoring writer and has featured across a number of UK motoring websites airing his views on everything from SUVs to Formula 1.

Fun Fact – Jonny has been on Wikipedia for almost a decade as the man demonstrating the use of a Fireman’s Pole. You at the back – stop giggling.

Robert King – @RobertKingEsq

Rumoured Mafioso Robert King is the man who puts the ‘Smooth’ in Smooth Traffic. Not for his personality, but because of his editing skills. He toils away for hours on end, cutting down Jonny’s sweary rants, and adding terrible jingles and transitional sound effects to the podcast. Rob is a huge fan of Alfa Romeo, such a huge fan that he actually went and bought a MiTo (not even his first Alfa!). Despite that odd choice he’s probably the most cultured member of Smooth Traffic, even though he tends to wear shorts in the winter. Bizarre.

Fun Fact – Rob buys 80% of Jonny’s drinks at the bar, but still sings the popular pub song ‘Jonny’s Round’ in a bid to cheer the skint ginger lad up.

Ben Pearce – @TheFaceOfBen

Ben is without doubt the classiest member of Smooth Traffic. He enjoys the finer things in life, and is constantly keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations. This is great when any videos need to be edited, as Ben loves getting new software to try and do fancy things. However, Ben isn’t all that savvy when it comes to cars, and often uses public transport, causing much tension within the team. If you have a rookie question you feel might make you look a bit silly, hold onto it, as there’s a bloody good chance Ben’s about to say it, and you can save some face.

Fun Fact – Ben is the only married member of Smooth Traffic, despite not actually owning his own car.